Addressing 3 Common Myths Regarding Private Wells

16 August 2018
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Water is imperative in your home for your family's needs. While some homes receive their water from the city or county, an estimated 13 million households have private wells. Even though these wells are initially overwhelming to install, they can be great options because you will not have to pay a monthly water bill. Unfortunately, some people believe a few myths associated with private wells. This guide will help you learn the truth behind a few common myths regarding residential water wells. Read More 

Looking To Clear Out Clutter In Your Home Or Yard? Recycle These Metal Items For Their Scrap Value

3 July 2018
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Recycling scrap metal is a great way to put some extra money in your pocket while removing clutter from your home. Metal recycling is great for sustainability – when recycled scrap metal is melted down and reused, it's just as strong as before. The metal in your old bicycle or your old pots and pans could eventually end up in an airplane or a cell phone tower. To give you some ideas, here are some metal-containing items you may have around the house that you can recycle: Read More 

Summer Cookout Patio Design Ideas

22 May 2018
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Nothing says summer like a backyard family cookout. If you're looking to transform your backyard patio into a versatile entertaining space, it's important to think about the space the same way that you would think about a room in your house. Everything from lighting and flooring to décor should work in harmony to create an inviting patio space. Here are some patio design ideas to discuss with your general building contractor this summer: Read More 

How To Do Great Basement Waterproofing While Being Mindful Of Aesthetics

3 April 2018
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Basements are almost always under threat from water entry. In case of rains, the basement will be exposed to the rainwater for a lot longer than the rest of the house. If your house is built near groundwater sources, you almost always have to worry about water. Water in a basement doesn't just give rise to possible health issues; it can also lead to structural damage. Because of this, waterproofing the basement is a major concern for most homeowners. Read More 

Insight To Help You Clean Up After And Repair A Clogged Sewer Line And Sewage Back-Up

23 February 2018
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The events resulting from a sewer line clog are never good: basement drains backing up, toilet overflowing, and sink drain lines clogged. However, the damage that is caused by a sewer line failure comes second to remedying the problem causing the sewer line failure. Here is some insight to help you deal with sewer clean-up and repairing your main line for continued use. Clear the Line Most sewer blockages can be removed with the use of a chemical drain cleaner or a sewer line auger or sewer snake. Read More